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What families are saying

Our families are involved in the life of the school with our open door policy, soft start and end of the day, volunteering opportunities and in actively supporting their children's learning. We asked some of our families what they think about Hope. 

"I like the non-traditional set up of Hope and the fact that the children are being developed as people, not just academically, with consideration for one another.  I LOVE the Hope values!"

"There is real community here and we feel part of it. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming."

"I love Hope’s open door policy, so parents can come in and be part of the school day, see how their children are getting on and what they are learning. There are lots of opportunities for families to be involved and socialise together too."

"The thing I like best about Hope is the community that has developed here"

We have carried out a number of community questionnaires and held a consultation on the new school. Families in Southampton have said: 

"We are excited to see Hope Community School develop in our city."

" We are looking forward to seeing the new school opened!"

"I believe that Hope Community School will offer local children an additional choice for a good education that will bring communities together."

"This school will be a place of belonging and community that will enable children to reach their potential."