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Teaching and Learning

All learning at Hope Community School, Southampton reflects the importance of developing the whole child.

We have created an engaging curriculum that inspires and excites pupils, resulting in excellent learning outcomes. The ethos of our school is based around developing adventure, openness, creativity and excellence in our children. It is our vision to develop a project based approach to learning across the school. We believe learning should be engaging and challenging. At Hope, we integrate learning holistically with ‘real life’ and the community across all subjects.

The thread of Christian values, including respect, hospitality, generosity, care for others, engaging in our community and putting others before yourself are at Hope’s core, central to everything, every day and these enhance the moral, social, intellectual and spiritual life of the school. These values are explored further during planned PSHE learning, during Collective Worship and when visitors come to the school.

Teaching and Learning at Hope Community School is driven by high expectation. Inspirational teaching will motivate the aspiring learner and foster in them success and achievement for the future. We expect high achievement for our pupils, to raise aspirations and realise their potential. Whilst all schools want this, those that succeed have a culture of embedding a growth mind-set, something we not just recognise but aim to achieve.  We want our children to have stamina for learning, perseverance in challenges, a range of skills and strategies to solve problems and the determination to face any obstacle with conviction.

Developing a child’s character matters as much as his or her academic attainment, to ensure resilience in the face of increased challenge.