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Partner Churches

All New Generation School Trust schools are set up in partnership with a local Church that is committed to supporting the Trusts schools in their vision to educate children and support families. 

  • You can read more about why NGST works with churches here.
  • You can read more about how NGST works with churches here.

Hope Community School, Southampton developed because of the vision and investment of time, resource and energy of New Community Network and City Life Church, Southampton. Both churches are part of a national network of churches called Pioneer, which is a recognised denomination of Churches Together in England along with 43 other church bodies such as the Church of England, Salvation Army and Methodist Church. It is also part of the Evangelical Alliance, which is the largest and oldest body representing the UK’s two million evangelical Christians. 

This partnership does not preclude or diminish the importance we place on the involvement and support of faith leaders from Churches and other faith organisations.

Partner churches contribute to the Christian ethos and values of the school and enhance the life of the local community. We believe that it takes a community to raise a child.  As a result, schools benefit greatly when volunteers from the partner church invest their time and talent, energy and expertise in supporting and extending children’s learning and offering family support. In practice this partnership means that the partner churches will: 

  • loan (for free or at cost) equipment e.g. bouncy castles, PA, tables, office equipment and other resources
  • recruit volunteers to be the initial members and Governors of the Trust
  • provide volunteers to support with lunch, classroom and mentoring support, open days, community events
  • regularly pray for the school
  • provide practical or spiritual support for families who request it
  • invite families to their events, e.g. Christmas and Easter services, Mothers/Fathers Day, camping weekend away
  • offer their facilities (buildings) free or at cost for the school to use for events and activities
  • hold a Hope Community School Sunday morning once a year where news about the school is shared, families are invited, the school is prayed for and the Church are invited to donate to the school