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Mission statement 

Hope Community School is at the heart of the community, reaching out to local families to increase children's aspirations, encouraging a spirit of adventure and maximising each child's talents and gifts.

We do this through underpinning Christian values such as kindness, generosity and hospitality to create community entrepreneurs. The school inspires children to be people who not only value their community but also have the desire, ability and tools to transform and enrich it through innovative and aspirational visions. Pupils of Hope Community School are encouraged to dream limitlessly, explore confidently, discover expectantly and take ownership of their futures.

We believe in education for all, allowing each child to enjoy and achieve their full potential at school. We are committed to every child, no matter their ability, ethnicity or background, thriving throughout their education.  We intend to create an encouraging and inclusive environment that extends beyond the classroom and into the community, using links with local businesses. We will create an exciting and vibrant school that celebrates achievement and diversity.  Education should be engaging and we will inspire children to learn and develop beyond the walls of a school. Our vision is to link school and community, teaching the value of each to the other, in order to better prepare both for their futures.