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Hello and welcome

From the Chair of New Generation Schools Trust

We have come a long way from the seed of an idea to parents like you being able to choose our school for your children. Through the support of many local people, we have created a school that is designed to meet the needs of the community. When joining our school, children will join a safe, inclusive and stimulating environment. They will be taught to value themselves and others, to fulfil their potential, and to experience school as an exciting and enjoyable place.

We do this through community engagement, a broad curriculum and excellent teaching staff. The children are encouraged to be adventurous, confident, creative, passionate to learn and proud of their successes, along with developing independence, respect for others and self-discipline. Our school in Sidcup has been recognised by Ofsted as having outstanding behaviour and safety, which is something we are very proud of.

We look forward to working with you to make sure that our school will provide the highest quality of education for your child.


Terry Millar - Chair of New Generation Schools Trust