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Family learning 

Family Learning

Hope Community School, Southampton will have an open door policy which encourages family involvement and participation because we believe families have a key role in their children's educational development and achievement.

We will support our families through:

  • A Family Liaison Coordinator and Community Partnerships Coordinator
  • Our extended school day, allowing parents/carers the flexibility to study or work at reduced childcare costs
  • Parenting 1:1 courses
  • Foodbank referrals and support with housing
  • Pastoral support through our chaplaincy service
  • Signposting and networking to services such as: counselling, volunteering and employment, legal and benefits advice, medical, council and health related issues
  • CAP money courses, to support with the management of bills and accounts
  • Referral to holiday provisions

As a parent/carer, there are many ways in which you can be involved with Hope Community School, Southampton, through:

  • Our regular community events
  • Coffee mornings
  • Our weekly/monthly family learning days
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Parent workshops and classes
  • Adult literacy, numeracy and IT classes