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We will be working closely with CLEAR, a community organisation that has been working with refugees and asylum seekers in Southampton for over 13 years.

CLEAR provide access to free advice, local services and ESOL classes for the whole family. In 2013, CLEAR advised clients in the area from 52 different nations, speaking 32 languages. The most common nationalities being Afghan (28%), Iranian (14%) and Iraqi (11%). CLEAR is experienced at working with people who have English as an Additional Language. CLEAR is also contracted by Southampton City Council as an Adult Learning provider and provided 22 courses last year. Finally, CLEAR provided English classes for 189 adult learners in 2013. CLEAR has 117 trained volunteers to help deliver its services in SO14. CLEAR runs other community events which celebrate and value the diversity of the population in the city centre.

In partnership with the CLEAR team, Hope Community School will offer a variety of adult learning courses, home language support and after school programmes supporting the integration of new communities in the city.  This will better enable parents and carers to support their children in their education.