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Business and enterprise

Our curriculum will embrace a wide range of learning opportunities, with strong cross-curricular and community links, through effective local business partnerships. Practically this will involve visits to, enterprise projects run with, curriculum subjects being delivered in partnership with and visits to the school from local businesses. 

Some children struggle to see the relevance of education.  We believe that exposing children, even at a young age, to the business world gives them a range of insights into real life situations and can stimulate their aspirations. Understanding the relevance of education and giving children a window into what they could achieve can completely change their attitude to education, increasing their attendance and their engagement, and give them a hope and positive expectation for the future.  

We feel that businesses playing an active part in the education and futures of children is invaluable to their lives and an important part of their learning. We use links with local business to raise the aspirations of the students. We introduce children to the working world and give them an insight into the basic skills involved. 

We hope to bring about a familiarity with surrounding industry to create a respect for the shops and services available. We work to build relationships between the children and local workers; this provides good role models beyond their parents and teachers raising their aspirations and helping them to begin to think about their possible career ahead. 

We want to inspire children to learn and experience beyond the four walls of a classroom.  We work with local businesses and community organisations in order to offer practical and vocational opportunities as well as traditional pathways of learning.