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The key driver for the curriculum is to ensure that pupils make rapid gains in their learning from their starting points; with a clear focus on mastery of skills and knowledge across the curriculum.

The targets we aspire to achieve:

  • To be graded a minimum of Good in our first Ofsted inspection
  • For high quality and inclusive teaching to result in all pupils making good progress from their starting points across the curriculum.
  • Phonics Screen Check in Yr. 1: to be at least in line with national and local standards of % of all pupils to achieve the expected standard (for 2020 92% of our pupils achieved the expected standard which is above the national average).
  • End of Yr. 2: 90% of all pupils to have met expected and 20% to exceed end of year outcomes in Reading, Writing, Mathematics and Science
  • Our expectation is that every pupil at Hope has attendance of 97% and above. When a pupil's attendance reaches 98% it is outstanding. 

We also strive to ensure that the outcome of the curriculum results in our children:

  • becoming Independent motivated learners
  • being Community Entrepreneurs
  • having increased success at our school and in Secondary Education

and our school to:

  • create a positive reputation of pupils in the area
  • develop strong community cohesion in Southampton