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Thought for the day

There is a story in the bible about a man called Moses. He was chosen by God to help rescue his people – the Israelites – from slavery to the Egyptians. Moses wasn’t all that special and he was definitely scared – he asked God a number of times to pick someone else! At a point in the story Moses had helped the Israelites escape and they were being chased by some scary Egyptians on Chariots. To make matters worse they were trapped by a massive river – the red sea. Chariots behind and water ahead. The Israelites started grumbling and complaining. I wonder whether you grumble and complain when things aren’t going that well?  I know I do! But – grumbling and complaining does not help. It is understandable but they are actions that make no positive difference to an impossible situation. Moses did the only thing he could do in an impossible situation – he cried out to God – and that is an action that definitely made a difference. Because Moses cried out to God for help this is what God did:

1.       He protected them by sending His Angel to stand in between the Egyptians and the Israelites;

2.       He spoke to them giving them comfort;

3.       He made a way through the waters by doing a miracle!

Moses listened to God and held his staff over the Red Sea – and incredibly it parted! The Israelites managed to cross to the other side and escape from the Egyptians.

So at this time be encouraged! We are in a situation that seems impossible but this story shows us that God will protect us, comfort us and make a way for us.

If you want to read the whole story follow this link: