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Public Consultation - Published Admissions Number (2020)

Public Consultation on our Published Admissions Number for 2020

This public consultation process is being undertaken from Tuesday 25th June and will conclude on Wednesday 18th September 2019. Your view is important to us and we welcome your response.

We recently consulted to reduce our Published Admission Number (PAN) to 30 for our 2019 Reception intake due to space and financial risk. However, the Regional School Commissioner took the decision to maintain our PAN at 60 for 2019 as we were already oversubscribed. We are now consulting with parents and carers, as well as the local community and other key stakeholders, about reducing the PAN to 30 for our 2020 Reception intake.

The Funding Agreement for the school set the PAN at 60 per year. However, we need to formally reduce the PAN to 30 due to the space restrictions of our temporary accommodation and because of space restrictions and financial reasons. As a small school it is not financially viable to operate a year group of over 30 but below approximately 45 children. Admitting between 31 and 45 children would pose a financial risk for the Trust. Admitting over 45 children per year group becomes financially viable again. We do not have accurate projections of demand for primary places in 2020 and so cannot be confident that we will receive over 45 applications. The other factor is space, we are going into our third year in temporary accommodation and whilst we have the facilities available for one further year, if the building project encounters further delays if we admit 60 children in 2020 we will have to find additional and/or alternative accommodation.

Once the school is larger and we have less restricted space (once we are in permanent accommodation) we will review this reduction and intend to increase our PAN back to 60 per year. This change would formalise what is currently happening so would be an ‘in-year’ change, i.e. would continue rather than start on a particular date.

Please help us by completing our survey, you can do this online at