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Thought of the week 28th June 2021

Our Hope School thought for the week this week is about “Responsibility” and comes from Carolyn Chart, one of our volunteers.

I wonder if you like me are amazed by the beauty of this wisteria arch in full bloom in Hoglands Park, and by seeing the fluffy baby ducklings on the river, and hearing the bird-song in the mornings. The Bible says that the earth is the Lord’s and everything in it. But God has given mankind (that’s you and me!) responsibility to take care of it. Taking responsibility for the environment can be as simple as choosing to do a few things differently! Here’s a challenge for you: Could you as a family think of some ways you can do little bit more to recycle your waste, reuse things instead of throwing them away and reduce your household waste to prevent our world becoming more polluted? There are lots of ideas here to get you talking!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if our responsible decisions today created an even better environment for our grandchildren to grow up in?