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Thought of the day - 29/01/21

Here is today's thought of the day from Theo Amer who is the Central Congregation Leader at New Community Church

Taking Time to Enjoy the Simple Things

Last night I went for a walk round the block with my 9-year old daughter. I was tired, had been busy all day, and still had loads to do. Everything in me didn’t want to go out. But I’m so glad that I did. She chatted to me all the way round, telling me about all that she’d learned that day. At the end she said “thank you for the walk Daddy, I loved it!”. It was so good to spend time with her without any other distractions. I was reminded how God loves to spend time with us, his children, and to hear what we’ve got to say. He’s never too busy for us. It’s so good to stop, and give time to the simple things in life, like a walk with someone we love, as a reminder of how important the simple things really are.