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Supplementary Information Form B

Supplementary Information Form B: for Church Leader

Those applying for a place on the basis of Christian faith are required to submit both Supplementary forms A & B .

This form should be completed by the pastor, minister or spiritual leader of the applicant.

It is entirely the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that both forms A and B are supplied to the admissions authority.

Please tick the box that describes the child's circumstances:

The child's parents/guardians are practising Christians and regularly attend a church or place of Christian worship which is a full member of Churches Together in England and/or the Evangelical Alliance.*

Guidance notes for persons completing ‘Supplementary Form B (for church leader)’:

The completion of this form and its return ahead of the admission application deadline is critical if the applicant is to be considered under the faith-based admissions criteria. Please note that the information that you provide could later be critical in determining the outcome of an appeal at an Independent Admission Appeals Panel.

The definition of ‘regular attender’ is as laid out by the body or person representing the church or faith body the family attends.

To validate this application we will require a signed copy of this form before the 16th May 2017, which the applicant should provide you with.