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Vision and Ethos

The vision of all New Generation Trust Schools are based around the following values:

  • Adventure
  • Openness
  • Creativity
  • Excellence

Underpinned by a Christian Ethos. 


We encourage a spirit of adventure to run throughout our schools. We believe that our innovate curriculum , which is based both in the classroom and the community, will inspire the children to also be adventurous and creative in their learning. Our engaging topics and themes foster curiosity in students.

We enable children to be confident in their decision making. Our teachers create opportunities for children to question and discuss topics,  giving space for children to voice their views and grow in assurance of their own opinions. This helps them understand the importance of listening to others, learning from and taking into consideration other’s ideas to expand their own minds.


New Generation Trust Schools has an open door policy, which is designed to have a positive impact on family-teacher relationships and the children who attend our schools. Families are encouraged to attend the regular enrichment sessions which run outside of the school day to learn together with their child. We believe this unites families and advances the learning of the parents by teaching them how to support the development of their child.


We use a project based curriculum to develop creativity. We connect different aspects of learning and create fresh ways of thinking. We are dedicated to making our school environment vibrant, colourful and engaging.

Our school has vibrant and inviting spaces designed to suit all learners and learning opportunities. We promote the value of working in groups and pairs, providing an environment with open, light learning areas that encourage children to talk together, play games, share ideas or research in books, on iPads and laptops.  Equally important are our quiet areas that welcome reflection, prayer, quiet reading or just the chance for learning alone.

Our classrooms reflect our belief in 'experiencing learning'. They change regularly, providing stimulating and exciting spaces to take children on a journey through learning themes.  Careful planning and thoughtful resourcing encourage independence both within the classrooms and outside spaces. Children take responsibility for their own learning. They respect each other and value their learning environment. From the moment the children arrive at Hope they begin to understand that the world is their classroom. 


We plan that all who work with, in and for our schools strive for excellence. We appoint teachers who are passionate about their work and value the aspirations of each child. In turn we encourage children be enthused about their learning and proud of their successes. No matter what their ability or background, we encourage every child to reach their potential.

Christian ethos

We open schools that are registered with a religious designation, within the Christian faith.

Our Christian ethos underpins the culture of our schools. We aim to create space for children and the school community to explore their own personal beliefs and faith in a safe place where they can ask the big questions of life. We present a Christian viewpoint, whilst allowing children the freedom to explore, question and seek answers for themselves. We ensure children of all faiths and no faith feel included and valued and learn about all cultures, faiths and religions.  

We have selected forty Christian values, many of which are shared by people of all faiths and no faith that are taught on a rolling two-year programme.  These values seek to build character and draw out the full human potential of each child.  Our schools are a community of practise that provide experiences in which the whole school community can consider and reflect on these values and translate this reflection into action. We do this at Hope in three main ways:  by unpacking our values in our daily Collectives (assemblies), by exploring them in our class time through reflective activities and by communicating the values to parents and encouraging discussion and positive reinforcement at home. Our Christian ethos is further enhanced through our Christian prayer room and the provision of pastoral support through chaplaincy.