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New Generation Schools Trust staff

As the family of schools grow the Trust plans to develop a central services team to ensure effective support, sharing of resources and monitoring of each of our schools. The capacity of the team will grow in line with the number of schools through employed staff and increased capacity and capability at Local Governing Body level. The Trust expects to work in partnership with strong Local Governing Bodies with delegated authority, in order to establish robust reporting and accountability, efficiency through economies of scale and procure expertise that every school can benefit from. As the Trust grows, our central team will provide resources and services to schools in the areas of administration, school improvement, finance, ICT, HR and leadership development, marketing and communications. 

Currently, the central team consists of part-time operational staff. This team consists of:

Mrs Zoe Roder - Chief Finance Officer, based in Sidcup

Mrs Yinka Smart-Babalola – Clerical & Finance Administrator, based in Sidcup