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New Generation Trust’s curriculums are based on the successful curriculum established at Hope Community School, Sidcup. However, we tailor each curriculum to meet the needs of the pupils in the different Hope Community School sites. 

All schools incorporate a ‘soft start’ at the beginning and a ‘soft finish’ at the end of the day to allow flexibility for families to drop off children and also to create opportunities for parents to interact with classroom staff. The length of the school day will gradually increase with each Key Stage. By extending the length of the school day of up to 30 minutes, we will gain an additional 2.5 hours of curricular time per week, which the average state school does not offer. We make education creative and engaging for our pupils which is why, in addition to the National Curriculum subjects, we provide other original, creative opportunities to deepen and extend learning. We use a thematic approach to education, grounded in a skills based curriculum, maximising and developing learning, whilst building our pupil's capacity to apply their learning to the world in which they live.

All Hope Community Schools Curriculums:

• Focus on learning, with additional community outcomes

• Include a thematic approach to learning, which aims to positively impact upon the local communities they are placed in. Our curriculum creates entrepreneurial children by empowering them to engage with and change their communities

• Encourage an understanding and acceptance of other cultures, traditions and values to bring about greater social harmony

• Take learning beyond the classroom and into the community

• Are committed to ensuring excellent academic outcomes by the end of key stages in English and Mathematics

• Provide specialist teaching in music, Mandarin, ICT and PE

Our curriculum embraces a wide range of learning opportunities, with strong cross-curricular and community links, through effective local businesses partnerships.

All learning at Hope Community Schools reflects the importance of developing the whole child. We create a curriculum which engages children in their own learning in such a way that they become excited and inspired and set high standards for themselves.

We have invested in teaching assistants, learning mentors, and local volunteers, enabling us to provide opportunities for small group, personalised intervention and enrichment to ensure rapid progress for every pupil.