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Vision and values

The vision of Hope Community School, Northfleet is based on the following values:

  • Adventure
  • Openness
  • Creativity
  • Excellence
  • Christian Values ‚Äč


We will encourage our pupils to be adventurous and innovative in their learning. Our child-initiated vision led curriculum topics and engaging themes will foster curiosity in our pupils. We will enable children to be confident decision makers, through discussion and questioing, giving space for them to voice their own views and grow in confidence. It also helps children to understand the importance of listening to others, learning from and taking into consideration other people’s ideas.



Our school will have an open door policy which is designed to have a positive impact on family - teacher relationships. We are committed to being a positive asset not only to the lives of the children who attend but also their families and the wider community. Regular enrichment sessions will run outside the school day in order to provide families with opportunities to learn together. It is intended that the school will be a community hub, a centre that will be open and inviting to the community as a whole.


We are passionate about people and we want to invest in the local area, which brings life to the area of Northfleet.



We will use a project based curriculum to develop creativity. We will connect different aspects of learning and create fresh ways of thinking. We are dedicated to making our school environment vibrant, colourful and engaging.



Everyone who works with, in and for Hope Community School, Northfleet will strive for excellence. Our teachers aere passionate about their work, value the individual aspirations of each child and encourage all pupils to be enthused about their learning and proud of their successes. No matter what their ability or background, we will encourage every child to reach their potential.


Christian values

Our Christian values underpin the culture of our school. We aim to create space for children and the school community to explore their own personal beliefs and faith in a safe place where they can ask the big questions of life. We present a Christian viewpoint, whilst allowing children the freedom to explore, question and seek answers for themselves. We ensure children of all faiths feel included and valued and learn about all cultures, faiths and religions.