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Published Admission Number consultation



New Generation Schools Trust is the sponsor of Hope Community School, Southampton. The Trust already sponsors Hope Community School, Sidcup a Free School that opened in September 2013. Hope Community School, Southampton opened in September 2017, welcoming our first group of 30 children into a Reception class and in 2018 admitted a further 30 children into the second Reception class. The school serves families in S014 - Southampton City centre.


We are now consulting with parents and carers, as well as the local community and other key stakeholders, about the Published Admission Number (PAN) of Hope Community School, Southampton.


The Funding Agreement for the school set the PAN at 60 per year. However, we have only received applications for up to 30 children each year to date. We need to formally reduce the PAN to 30 due to the space restrictions of our temporary accommodation and because of financial reasons. As a small school it is not financially viable to operate a year group of over 30 but below approximately 45 children. Admitting between 31 and 45 children would pose a financial risk for the Trust. Admitting over 45 children per year group becomes financially viable again. Based on local projections of demand for primary places and the past two years of applications we do not anticipate the demand for places to be higher than 45 per year (as far as we have access to projected pupil numbers). The PAN is currently 60 per year and we would like to temporarily reduce this to 30 whilst we are in temporary accommodation for financial and space restriction reasons.


Once the school is larger and we have less restricted space (once we are in permanent accommodation) we will review this reduction and intend to increase our PAN back to 60 per year. This change would formalise what is currently happening so would be an ‘in-year’ change, i.e. would continue rather than start on a particular date.


This consultation process is being undertaken from Monday 21st January and concluding on Monday 11th March. Your view is important to us and we welcome your response.


Consultation meetings will be held

At: Hope Community School, Central Hall, St Mary Street, SO14 1NF

On: Tuesday 12th February 2:30pm and 5:30pm

Please come along to either to ask any questions or give feedback.


Please help us by completing the consultation online at


Alternatively, you can download a hard copy of the consultation below or email your comments to