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Proposed change to Published Admissions Number

We intend to continue with a reduced PAN for the year 2020-21.

We successfully put our business case before the Regional Schools Commissioner’s office last year for a reduced PAN from 60 to 30 due to the space restrictions of our temporary accommodation and financial reasons. Nothing has changed for us since that time, in fact we now have even less space in our temporary building and we still have not secured a new site for our permanent building. We are currently working closely with the DfE in order put temporary classrooms in place so that we have enough space for one form of entry over the next two academic years.

The Funding Agreement for the school set the PAN at 60 per year. However, we need to formally reduce the PAN to 30 until we are in permanent accommodation. We will review this reduction and intend to increase our PAN back to 60 per year. This change would formalise what is currently happening so would be an ‘in-year’ change, i.e. would continue rather than start on a particular date.

Your view is important to us and if you have any comments regarding this proposed change please can you email me at